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Bear Computer Systems, Inc. was founded in 1982 by a core group of technologists and software developers with a vision of developing world-class software solutions. We quickly established a reputation as an innovative software consulting and IT infrastructure solutions company, designing and implementing end-to-end IT solutions. Today, we continue to uphold this vision, leveraging our extensive experience, comprehensive suite of software development tools and rapid deployment methodology to create flexible, scaleable and extensible IT solutions.

As a result of our extensive experience in offering best-of-breed IT solutions in Networking, Storage, Security, and Messaging Bear Computer Systems developed a powerful line of data center management tools and advanced-design software development tools. These tools, called BearWare® can make your system run smoother, faster and smarter, thus bringing an economy, reliability, and efficiency never before possible.

Our IT and software consultants have a strong background in business and technology, and have worked through many of the issues that your organization now faces, from Internet strategy consulting through deployment and customer relationship management (CRM). Our customer oriented approach focuses on building highly stable platforms capable of evolving with changing business demands over time, allowing us to deliver IT solutions that cost significantly less to implement over the life of your business.

We are based in Los Angeles, California, and have clients thought Southern California, including Redondo Beach, the San Fernando Valley, Long Beach, Torrance, Pasadena, Irvine, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica. We are located at 12315 Califa St., Suite 2, Valley Village, CA 91607. We may be reached by telephone at (818) 509-0459, by FAX at (818) 769-3055, or on the web at www.BearComp.Com

Our BearWare® disk utilities for data centers provide unmatched disaster recovery, improve system performance and monitor disk storage. Our software development tools help programmers develop software and eliminate performance botlenecks.

12315 Califa St., Suite 2
Valley Village, CA 91607
Telephone: (818) 203-4569
FAX: (818) 769-3055
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