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DMON - Disk Space Storage Monitor

Bear Computer Systems DMON

DMON disk space storage monitor reduces downtime due to disk space storage exhaustion. This impressive software provides accurate disk space usage monitoring for all user accounts on the system, allowing a System Manager to compare current with past usage and immediately determine disk space allocation. It further furnishes a realistic disk quota file and the option of charging by disk quota and/or actual usage.

DMON operates a 3-tiered alarm mechanism that alerts the System Manager to impending disk space shortages, and maintains an automatic database of past and present usage by Directory and File Owner, without disrupting primetime use. It can monitor all disks on the system, including disk volume sets, and reports the totals and sub-totals in every directory, all files not contained in any directory, as well as showing how many blocks would be reclaimed if a purge were initiated.

DMON permits the System Manager to catch runaway programs, to determine which users are neglecting file clean-up, and to quickly detect when large temporary files have not been deleted. Reports are generated that pinpoint which directories and trees have been increasing in usage, and which individual user or group has changed disk storage usage. Disk shortage downtime is stopped in its tracks!

Disk Usage Monitor (DMON)

Bear Computer Systems DMON disk space storage monitor is an amazing tool for the System Manage that allows the tracking of disk usage by directory or by user. It generates realistic disk quota parameters and helps to identify duplication and storage waste.

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