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Memory Disk - Lightning Fast Performance

MagicDisk Memory Disk

Our MagicDisk memory disk is the foundation product for all of Bear's VirtualDisk data storage solutions. Memory disks function like normal physical disk drives for data storage, but much, much faster. This increase in performance is obtained totaly transparent to users and software applications. Memory Disk eliminates physical disk seek and latency times while providing data transfer rates which are hundreds of times faster.

MagicDisk memory disk is ideal for I/O intensive applications such as compilers, editors and other programs creating temporary files that need many disk transfers. In many applications, it can actually increase I/O throughput by over 500%! Memory disk is also a powerful I/O management tool, it can be also be used to partition disks and to perform file system tuning to gain even more significant performance improvements.

Data Storage Performance

Bear Computer Systems MagicDisk memory disk is an amazing data storage perfomance enhancement tool that will significantly increase your I/O speed.

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