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BearWare® ResQue! Disk

ResQue! Disk - Fault Tolerant Offsite Data Shadowing

ResQue! is the newest addition to Bear's comprehensive virtual disk product line, and perhaps the most exciting. Disaster recovery and offsite data backup are highly important concerns in today's computing environment, and this breakthrough new option to disk shadowing is a major advance in fault tolerant offsite data protection and disaster recovery management.

ResQue! transmits shadowed backup data to selected offsite computer systems automatically, all day, every day. Depending on the transaction load and speed of the network, it can recover data only minutes old, up to and including the last write!

ResQue! does not require code changes, and there are no drastic shifts in response time. It will work with whatever DECnet hardware is available at the particular HP sites. This is a must-have item for any data center or Open-VMS System Manager who is serious about offsite data security and disaster recovery.

ResQue! is about saving your data, and it's about time!

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