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BearWare® Virtual Disk

Virtual Disk - Unprecented Speed and Control

The Bear Computer Systems Virtual Disk storage solution, combines a memory disk with a virtual disk providing complete control of your systems I/O requirements. Transparent to user software, it is fully-supported memory disk and virtual disk drivers that diagnoses and treat a variety of I/O problems yielding faster I/O and higher disk performance. Bear's Virtual Disk storage solution may also be used to combine available space from many physical disks into one larger virtual disk. You will be amazed at the performance increase you will get with this storage solution!

Bear Computer Systems Memory Disk product allows a virtual disk to be "passed through" memory acting as a cache to speed up I/O bound applications. It requires no source code modifications and allows multiple memory disks and virtual disks to be in use or on the same physical drive simultaneously.

Unlike other Memory Disk products, our Virtual Disk solution give the Systems Manager complete control over how much memory to devote the the virtual disk. Less memory is used while since only frequently required data are stored in memory, and temporary use of the Pagefile or Global Section for storage is provided.

Computer MagicDisk Utility

The Bear Computer Systems MagicDisk utility for data centers and system managers is the utlimate tool for increased I/O speed and performance.

System managers can use the Disk Utility to diagnoses and treat a variety of I/O problems yielding faster I/O and higher disk performance. Software developers can gain masive productivity improvements through the reduced time for software builds and faster software run times due to increased I/O speed and performance.

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