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EMON - Ethernet Monitor

The EMON Ethernet monitor utility offers a valuable window into Ethernet, eliminating guesswork in tracking Ethernet traffic and thus minimizing maintenance expense. It thoroughly analyzes traffic, verifies vital communications and collects information on all network nodes. It operates on standard terminals, workstations and on any AXP or VAX under the OpenVMS operating system without added hardware.

EMON provides displays of complete packet data, including total bytes; average, minimum and maximum number of bytes transmitted per packet; time lapse between packets; network node addresses; protocol types used and controller internal counters. It permits displays and their parameters to be adjusted by a single keystroke in real-time or playback, and acts an aid to software developers in debugging programs that use Ethernet under user-defined protocols and DECnet.

EMON verifies if a network node is able to send or receive and provides filter options for source, destination and protocol capture and can display Ethernet traffic in real-time while placing no load on the Ethernet itself. It pinpoints network nodes that create the most traffic by gathering highly accurate statistics on them, and then assists in quickly isolating and solving Ethernet problems.

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Bear Computer Systems EMON

Ethernet Monitor Utility (EMON)

Bear Computer Systems EMON Ethernet monitor utility is an useful tool for software developers and system manger that allows tracking and capture of Ethernet traffic. It provides detailed information how much Ethernet traffic is on your network and where the Ethernet traffic is coming from and going to.