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The IMON image monitor is a software development tool for software performance improvement. IMON tracks software performance for an executing image and provides detailed information about where in the program it is spending its time and how it got there. Proven on site in scores of applications, particularly where users are developing their own software, the Image Monitor process runs at a higher priority than the process running the image which is being monitored. This allows users to monitor other active programs to isolate potential bottlenecks and improve operating efficiency as much as 500%!

The IMON image monitor installs easily and its simple command language allows performance bottlenecks and other problems to be identified quickly. It pinpoints a program's worst problems areas immediately and collects data on any currently running process. It also makes recompiling, relinking and load maps unnecessary.

IMON Image Monitor further serves as an ideal technical management planning tool. Fast, up-front decisions can be made regarding which programmers to assign to performance improvement, and the modules needing change are rapidly located. It also allows software performance tuning during software development and verifies that an algorithm is performing to specification. Also offered are special features for non-standard OpenVMS languages and the convenience of on-line help. Data is recorded for later playback and complete documentation with extensive sampling is provided.

Image Performance Monitor (IMON)

Bear Computer Systems IMON disk image monitor is an invaluable tool for software developers that allows tracking of the time executable images spend performing their tasks . It provides detailed information as to where programs spend their time at the unit, module, subroutine and source code line number level. It also keeps track of how the program got to each location to aid the software developer in improving software performance and reducing bottlenecks.

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