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SMON - System Services Monitor

SMON investigates the quality and operation of programs even where sources are unavailable, and serves as a time-saving training instrument for new programmers. It is a unique, powerful tool for monitoring, analyzing and debugging programs which use VMS System Services. Also, it is transparent to the user's process, and does not require code modification or relinking.

SMON acts as an easy-to-use, high-level debugger and reports all probable bugs in real-time applications, such as timing errors, buffer overlap and event flag errors. It provides complete symbolic trace output, with individual parameter analysis focusing on the error-causing parameter. All selected system service calls are monitored automatically, and all errors are reported with a complete formatted dump.

SMON offers loadable user interfaces for tailored error checking or system service call modification, and assures immediate fault isolation via timing and consistency check at runtime. It further allows tests and options to be individually enabled or disabled interactively. System security is greatly improved by monitoring the privileges a program actually uses, and a window is made available for monitoring at the system service level, even allowing additions or modifications to features in programs without sources.

System Services Monitor is only available for OpenVMS VAX systems.

Our software development products include IMon, EMon, SMon, DMon, which run on Microsoft, HP, Unix, Linux, VAX, VMS, Alpha, and OpenVMS platforms. Our System Services Monitor (SMON) is an effective tool for monitoring, analyzing and debugging programs which use VMS System Services.

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